OJ and Mystic Pups have arrived!

Mystic surprised us on Thursday night with six beautiful pups! It seems like she had one of everything. We have a blue merle female, a red merle female, a black tri female.  We have a red tri male, a black tri male and a red merle male that sold the minute that I knew he was a boy!

These puppies have beautiful heads and gorgeous markings.  Mystic is a great momma and they are as plump as can be! I am hoping to have pictures up today so that you can see how wonderful they are. 

If our owners of other Mystic/OJ pups could comment on how wonderful their pups are, I would appreciate it.  I know Miep, the pup that I kept back for breeding , is wonderful. She is great around kids, she is calm (for the most part: she is still a puppy!) I take her with me to Mockingbird Moon, my knit shop, and she is perfect.  I have been doing that since she was a little puppy! Everyone loves her at the shop. 

That's all for now. 

Pictures soon. I will work with Paul to get those up as soon as possible!


Skye and OJ pups are here!

Seven beautiful little pups were born last night!  Skye a first time mom did great!  She had almost one of every color and sex: One Red Tri Male, one Red Tri Female,  a Black Tri Male, a Black Tri Female, a Red Merle Male,  a Red Merle Female and one Blue Merle Male!  This is our H litter, help us with their temporary names, every name must begin with the letter "H".  We hope to have pictures up today!

Gypsy and Marley have all girls!!!!!!

Marley and Gypsy outdid themselves! They have six beautiful girls, as fat and happy as you could want week old puppies to be. We took pictures today and as you can see, the puppies are splendid.  Their markings are so striking! We cannot wait to see how many of the tri's have blue eyes. The red merle girl, named Ginger by our daughter, has such a pretty face. She is really going to be a show stopper!


Riot and Mystic's Pups are here!

We have added pictures of the puppies. They are less than a day old! We woke up to the chirping of pups. She was due on Tuesday, but Mystic has been her own woman all of her life! 

The pups are gorgeous! I just wish we had seen a blue merle out of the bunch! A blue merle bred to a black tri and not a blue merle to be seen. But two gorgeous red merles are there ready to be drooled over.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks everyone!

Carol and Paul Stuckey

We have puppies!

Gypsy had her puppies last night! She is such a good mom.  We had our new "puppy cam" installed and just as our religious services were about to start, I checked on her.  She had just had one baby! We rushed home and found her with her first pup, a black tri female.  As the night went on, she had eight more pups. In all, we have five black tri's, three red tri's and one red merle.  They are beautiful pups! We will take pictures soon and put them on the website. Marley and Gypsy have had a lot of blue eyed tri's in the ast so we can't wait until we see the eye color on these pups!

OJ and Mystic puppies are all sold...

All of the puppies have been sold and all but one are in their new homes. We have had pictures, phone calls, and happy smiles to let us know that everyone is very happy.  We love this part of the process.  There is nothing better than happy puppies and happy owners.  

We always encourage our new owners to continue sending us pictures. We love to see our pups grow up in your families.  

We have pictures!

Paul took some more pictures of the puppies and got them ready for the website. I added a few of Mystic when she was a pup and a couple taken a few weeks ago. The one of her and OJ running - look carefully and you will see her. She almost fades into the trees!

The pups are so cute!  You can tell the sex and color by tapping on the photo for more information.  I am not sure this works with Ipods and Ipads. Basically. if it is a tri, it is a female and we only have one blue, and that is a boy.  

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading,


Mystic and OJ have Puppies!!!!!!

OJ and Mystic had six beautiful puppies on Friday, October 8th.  We had a great night delivering these guys. Mystic is a first time Mama, but you couldn't tell. She is great with her puppies. She has two Red Tri Females, one with a full white collar and white on her face; Three Red Merle Males - all beautiful; and One Blue Merle Male; We will be putting picures up on the site very soon. Just got to get Mr. Stuckey moving!!!

I will get pictures of OJ and Mystic up too. OJ is a half brother to Riot. A Red Tri with lots of coat, lots of white and a personality that can't be beat. He wakes up "Happy, Happy, Happy".  Mystic is a Blue Merle female who has a full white collar, stripe down her face and a super sweet dog. She is not quite as insistent as OJ is to be petted, but then again, he does outweigh her!