Payment for Puppies:
Chaver Kennels requires a deposit of 50% down to hold your puppy.  Deposit are non-refundable.  Chaver Kennels accepts Paypal which allows you to use most major credit cards; you can use this for your deposit and/or the balance of the amount due on your puppy. Chaver Kennels also accepts personal checks in US dollars for your down payment on your puppy. 

However, we must receive your payment within five days of your choosing your puppy.  If we do not receive a down payment from you for the puppy you wish to purchase, we will allow the next person interested to put a down payment on that puppy.  This may seem harsh, but there have been many puppies miss wonderful homes because someone "promises" they want the puppy and then at the last minute, change their mind for whatever reason.  Please be upfront with us. If you do not wish to purchase the puppy, there is another person who does.

Please note that if paying with personal check for the final payment of your puppy, you must allow time for your check to clear our bank before the puppy is picked up or shipped.  Please don't meet us with a check and expect to get your puppy.  We need to make arrangements ahead of time.

Shipping of Puppies:
Chaver Kennels puppies can be shipped by air in the continental US (weather permitting) .  The cost of shipping is not included in the price of the puppy.  Arrangements for pick-up of the puppy or flying arrangements must be made by the time the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age.  Chaver Kennels can hold puppies for a period of time after they reach 8 weeks of age, but after 10 weeks, a fee of $8.00 per day plus the cost of any medical charges to keep the puppy current on his/her health schedule must be paid by the new owner.The price of the puppy includes registration, veterinarian check and health certificate.  If you decide to pick your puppy up, there will be no additional charges for transportation and shipping.

Our Guarantee:
Chaver Kennels guarantees in writing that your new puppy is free from genetic defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.  Your puppy will come with a health certificate from our veterinarian.  All of our puppies and adults are on a strict medical program including vacinations, preventative shots, scheduled de-worming, heart worm preventative, parasite control, vitamins and a high quality-high protein dog food. If your puppy were to develop any problem caused by genetics, Chaver Kennels will replace that puppy with one of like sex and color at the first available breeding.  Chaver Kennels will not refund any money.  Any claim of defect must be accompanied with written proof from a licensed veterinarian.  

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